Support the Zulip project

Zulip sponsors free Zulip Cloud Standard hosting for hundreds of worthy organizations. Zulip has also invested into making it as easy as possible to self-host its 100% open-source software. Read about the Zulip project values to learn more.

The Zulip community (which includes you!) is a huge part of what makes Zulip successful. If you appreciate Zulip, there are many different ways you can support the project. Some of these will only take a few minutes of your time, but still make a big difference.

  • Support Zulip financially: Sponsoring Zulip helps fund free Zulip Cloud Standard hosting for hundreds of open source projects, research communities, and other worthy organizations.

  • Help others find Zulip: As a business that's growing sustainably without venture capital funding, Zulip cannot afford splashy ad campaigns to compete with giant corporations like Salesforce (Slack) and Microsoft (Teams). Zulip depends on users and other members of the community to spread the word about the difference that using Zulip's organized team chat has made for you or your organization.

  • Help improve Zulip: Zulip is developed by a vibrant open-source community, and there are many ways to contribute even without writing a single line of code.

Support Zulip financially

You can sponsor Zulip through the GitHub sponsors program (preferred), on Patreon, or on Open Collective.

Help others find Zulip

  • Link to Zulip from your organization's website. In addition to providing information for anyone browsing your website, this helps people find Zulip in Google and other search engines.

  • List your organization in the Zulip communities directory. Browsing open communities helps folks see how others are using Zulip, and learn best practices.

  • Star Zulip on GitHub. There are four main repositories: server/web, mobile, desktop, and Python API.

  • Review Zulip on product comparison websites, such as G2 and Software Advice. Organizations rely on review sites more and more when choosing software for their team, and sharing your experience with Zulip (good or bad) helps them evaluate whether Zulip might work for their needs.

  • Mention Zulip on social media, or like and retweet Zulip's tweets.

  • Share your Zulip story on your blog, or get it posted on the Zulip website (contact to learn more).

  • Tell your friends and colleagues about your Zulip experience.

Help improve Zulip

  • Report issues, including both feature requests and bug reports. Many improvements to the Zulip app start with a user's suggestion.

  • Give feedback if you are evaluating or using Zulip.

  • Translate Zulip into your language. Zulip has been translated into over 25 languages by an amazing group of volunteers, and you can help expand, improve, and maintain the translation for your language, or start working on a language that hasn't been covered yet.

  • Contribute code to the Zulip open-source project. To make it easy for contributors from a variety of backgrounds to get started, we have invested into making Zulip’s code uniquely readable, well tested, and easy to modify.