Linking to the Zulip website

Zulip sponsors free Zulip Cloud Standard hosting for hundreds of worthy organizations. Zulip has also invested into making it as easy as possible to self-host its 100% open-source software. Read about the Zulip project values to learn more.

If your organization is sponsored by Zulip, or wishes to express appreciation for the Zulip project, please help others find out about Zulip. To do so, follow the guidelines below to list Zulip in the appropriate section of your organization's website (e.g., Sponsors or Acknowledgements).

  1. Select a Zulip logo, preferably a round Zulip icon (available in .png and .svg formats).

  2. Link to

  3. If appropriate, add a brief description:

Zulip is an organized team chat app designed for efficient communication.